A brief about me.

Back in 2008, I was working as an IT User Support. My job role had a vague mention of programming, and that's what I did during the periods when no one needed my help.

I developed several applications for the companies internal use. The things you could do with applications were very different, but they all had common results: they automated or eased up tasks employees had to do on a daily basis, and they solved actual issues in the business processes.

In 2014 I founded my company, UO Consulting, and have worked on various client projects since.

In 2017, my goal is to niche down and help businesses streamline their processes.


Projects worked on


Cinema visits last year


Cans of Coca-Cola® consumed


Cats owned


IT User Support


Serving three construction companies at the same time

One of the companies was in road building industry and the other two were in public and private construction industries.



UO Consulting

Started my own company as I grew out of the role at the previous job. It was also a great excuse to see what's it like to own a business, even if you're the only person who's working at it.

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