My name is Uģis Ozols. Don't worry about the pronunciation of my name just yet. I'll walk you through it once we talk on the phone.

That's a picture of me from 6 years ago :P

I'm looking for a (preferably) long term remote Ruby on Rails contracting opportunity.

Instead of being a jack of all trades I focus on the Ruby/Rails backend type of work. Crawling/transforming/inserting data, interacting with other service APIs, creating and maintaining custom solutions for inventory/worker management, bulk data import/export are just a few of the things I enjoy working on.


Here's what I have and in some cases still am working on:

Refinery CMS

The most popular (I'm not here to argue :)) CMS built on top of Rails.

As stated on the about page I set out a goal to be a part of the core team, and I did it in 2012. I spent a lot of my free time on the project and only wound down my contributions in 2014 when I started full-time contract working on FromAtoB project.


Popular European travel search site.

It was my first experience working in a team with more than two developers, and it was the most amazing first-time experience I could have asked for. I was working with super smart people like Nathan Long, James Edward Gray II, Paul Dawson and others (some of them are not big fans of social profiles so no links for others).

Here's me being a hero at some point, albeit I don't remember what I did, it was still screenshot worthy achievement:

Revenue Cycle Inc.

...and associated websites.

This is the longest ongoing project I have worked on. I started in late 2013, and continue the work on it to this day as it involves several websites, so there's always stuff to do.


Private, nonprofit, integrated health system in San Diego, California.

It may look like a simple website at first glance, but, boy, was I wrong! It packs very sophisticated CMS underneath it. And again I was surrounded by very smart and talented people like Matthew Lehner and Sean Fioritto just to name a few.

Oh, I was also a Rails contributor #100 at one point which is definitely going on my resume! :)


Do I sound like a good fit? Reach me at ugis@ugisozols.com or tweet @ugisozols.