My name is Uģis Ozols and I’m a software developer with a strong passion for open source software.

I started out tinkering with PHP but my life changed in December of 2009 when I tried Ruby on Rails. It was (and still is) an amazing framework! Since then I’ve been playing around with it and building various data aggregation/displaying, utility and CMS applications. I should also mention that I’m one of the core team guys behind Refinery CMS so in case you need help with that – I’m the guy :)

A while ago I was actively learning Ember.js and I really liked it too. I built EmberFlare and RepoReader and even open sourced the former one. I also think that Rails + Ember.js is a killer combination for creating ambitious web applications™ but enough about that.

I consider myself an introvert but despite that I’m a founder and organizer of JavaScript Latvia meetup group and a co-organizer of Ruby on Rails Latvia meetup group.

I used to have hire me link here but since I’m happily employed as a Ruby developer I’m currently not looking for more work but if you’d still like to talk to me – use contact me page to get in touch.

— Uģis