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Tracing SQL queries in Rails

Have you ever wondered where all those SQL queries are coming from in your Rails application? Like which part of the code is responsible for doing a query? If it's a small app chances are those queries will be easy to trace down but as it grows you won't be able to keep all of that information in your head. And you shouldn't! Now, I don't…

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Bath Ruby 2016 conference ticket giveaway

Ticket goes to @iris. Here's how I chose the winner. Thanks to all who participated :) Do you want to go to Bath Ruby conference but don't have a ticket yet? Since I can't make it myself to the conference I've decided to give away my ticket. For free. No strings attached :) All you have to do is follow these two simple steps: Follow me (@…

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Pry and rescue

In this short post I'm going to share a tip on one of the ways I use pry. If you don't know what pry is here's how it is described on the official website: Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby. It features syntax highlighting, a flexible plugin architecture, runtime invocation and source and documentation bro…

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Adding slug support to Phoenix models

As I'm building elixirpipe.com I had a need to add slug support to a couple models. Well, it wasn't really a need but more of liking of urls like /posts/awesome-post-title instead of /posts/1. I'm going to use the same principle described in Programming Phoenix book but with one difference. I'm going to use a package called slugger to gen…

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How to add SASS/SCSS support to Phoenix

As of this writing Phoenix is at version 1.0.3 and it doesn't come out of the box with SASS/SCSS support. I'm assuming your Phoenix application is using brunch so adding SASS/SCSS support is trivial. Open package.json which is located in the root directory of your Phoenix application and add sass-brunch dependency. Currently sass-brunch n…

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